Winston’s mom’s response when he told her he was a cop.

“Being a parent is like wearing your heart outside of your body and now you’re telling me that my heart is on these streets by himself, sampling drugs with a knife? To see if it’s really cocaine? My heart knows what cocaine tastes like?!” *Brilliant* #newgirl #quotes

The internet is where people go to argue about things they pretend to care a whole lot about. But if they really cared that much, they would be finding ways to inspire people to action rather than posting their options online.


Last night I had a dream.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in love. I mean wrapped up in the way I once could be. Obsessed and in awe of someone. I have loved and I do love. But “in love”? It’s been a while. Last night, I dreamt that I was getting married. I’ve never wanted to marry anyoneContinue reading “Last night I had a dream.”

Self-love vs self-abuse. It’s a fine line.

Why you are doing what you are doing matters. Exercising because it feels good versus doing it to punish yourself for eating. Fasting to give your cells a break from glucose overload verses starving yourself as punishment for eating something “bad”. Talking about what is healthy and what isn’t healthy is a challenging endeavor. WhatContinue reading “Self-love vs self-abuse. It’s a fine line.”

Finding Your Purpose

Purpose does not have to be some crazy, enlightening thing. It will feel like magic though. There is something that’s been brewing in your life since before you can even remember. It’s something that has always been important to you. It’s what drives you when you feel like you can’t control anything. It’s the thingContinue reading “Finding Your Purpose”

Self-Care During Universal Despair

How can I possibly give myself attention, love and care when the world around me is in chaos? I don’t deserve nice things when there are people suffering. I can’t focus on something like self-love when there are people out in the world who don’t have that luxury. Here’s the thing… You’ve heard it before,Continue reading “Self-Care During Universal Despair”

Battle to Exercise

I found the importance and value of exercise by being forced to do it. I was thrust into a 6am “Cardio Intervals” class as a substitute instructor. As you might imagine, everyone taking the class was more fit than me. I was not getting myself to 6am classes by my own volition and these peopleContinue reading “Battle to Exercise”

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