Finding Your Purpose

Purpose does not have to be some crazy, enlightening thing. It will feel like magic though. There is something that’s been brewing in your life since before you can even remember. It’s something that has always been important to you. It’s what drives you when you feel like you can’t control anything. It’s the thing you try to control.

Throughout our lives, we are taught to mute certain aspects of ourselves, in order to fit in. This confuses us when it comes to knowing what is and isn’t true about us. Undoing this, will lead you to an internal place where you can trust yourself. When you find that place inside of you, your next challenge is to allow yourself to let it shine out, through you. Fortunately, when you find what this light is, the “letting it shine” part is the fun and time consuming part.

Your purpose is the thing you can spend hours a day doing and when you finally break away from it, you say, “Where did the time go?” It’s the thing, where when you focus on it more, all the creative ideas start flowing. You love this feeling. You want to find ways to share it with the world.

Unfortunately, many of us are caught up giving this energy to our televisions, video games, scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. Our purpose changes to distractions, addictions and codependency. We fall back into these things from time to time then, we fortunately get a little taste of depression. That’s the ironic reminder to get us back to our purpose. We simply can’t focus on our purpose 100% of the time. So, it’s okay. Give yourself a break. You’re only human.

So, in finding your purpose, here are three things you can begin to recognize:

  1. Depression: This is a reminder that you’re focus has been somewhere else and it’s time to get back on track.
  2. You want to share the energy you get from this thing, with the world.
  3. When you are working on this thing, time gets away from you.

Do you have any other ideas and suggestions for recognizing your purpose? Share them in the comments below.

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